ARTstarters bring creativity to life!

We specialize in therapeutic and expressive art exercises that help you breathe, relax and connect to your heart and to God.

Drawing Patterns (Zentangle)

Drawing patterns is a great way to meditate on a verse, affirmation or prayer.

We offer group sessions or private sessions, no drawing experience needed!

ARTstarters make great team buildings and creative retreats!

Art allows your inner critic to stay quiet long enough to access the truths God has put in your heart.

Art can provide a mental and physical break from stress and chronic pain.  It’s a journey that helps you explore options.

About Nicole Steiman, Creativity Coach

Certified Life Coach, Author, Artist, with degrees in Psychology and a Masters in Human Resources Development, creator of The ARTbar in the Santa Ana Artists Village.  Nicole just completed a 2 year renewed HeARTlink grant working with the homeless center in Santa Ana.

Contact her at Nicole@ARTstarters to customize your team building or creative retreat experience!

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